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Infra Engineers India Pvt. Ltd. (IEPL) is a leading provider of Used Construction, Mining equipment, Special attachments & Spare parts across the globe. IEPL provides Multi brand equipment ranging from 2-100 Tons under one roof. IEPL stands out in the field by empowering talented women, encouraging them to excel in challenging opportunities & to also act as a backbone to the organization.

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Frequently Asked Question

  • Why Used Equipment?
    When you have decided to purchase heavy equipment for your work and you are contemplating whether to go with new or used. Buying used equipment has many advantages. One of the primary benefits of buying used heavy equipment is its lower price. Other benefits include having a wider range of options to choose from and also helps in avoiding huge depreciation losses.
  • How do I know I am getting quality used equipment?
    In recent years, used equipment has gained vogue for multiple reasons. Before buying a used machine you should inspect every element of the machinery, like, Year of manufacture, working hours, where the equipment was deployed earlier, and whether the machinery seller is reliable. The foremost source for used machinery is a trusted equipment dealer, used machines from a reputable dealership can make a tremendous difference.
  • Is Used equipment more affordable than New?
    Yes, the Used Equipment is a lot more cost-effective than the new ones.
  • Is Technical support and service available?
    Yes, We have comprehensive coverage of tech support, maintenance, and other services designed to meet all your requirements.
  • Do you sell equipment parts?
  • Does the equipment have a warranty or guarantee?
    No, Most certainly used equipment will not include any warranty or guarantee as it is already used.
  • Do we provide Financing?
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